Title Authors Publication DOI
Landslides Susceptibility Assessment Based on GIS Statistical Bivariate Analysis in the Hills Surrounding a Metropolitan Area Sestras Paul, BILASCO STEFAN, ROŞCA SANDA-MARIA, Naș Sanda, Bondrea Mircea, Gâlgău Raluca, Vereş Ionel, Salagean Tudor, Spalevic Velibor, Cimpeanu Sorin Sustainability https://doi.org/10.3390/su11051362
Prospect of a GIS based digitization and 3D model for a better management and land use in a specific micro-areal for crop trees Sestras Paul, Salagean Tudor, BILASCO STEFAN, Bondrea Mircea, Naș Sanda, Fountas Spyros, Spalevic Velibor, Cimpeanu Sorin Environmental Engineering and Management Journal
What Does Unsustainable Urban Sprawl Bring? Spatial Patterns Analysis of Built Environment in Cluj Metropolitan Area BÎRSĂNUC ELENA-MANUELA, MAN TITUS-CRISTIAN, PETREA DANUT-PETRU Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning
Anthropic Valorisation of Vulnerable Areas Affected by Deep-Seated Landslides COCEAN POMPEI, HOGNOGI GHEORGHE – GAVRILA, POP ANA MARIA, Bejan Iurie, DAVID NICOLETA-AFRODITA Geoheritage
THE ASSESSMENT OF LOTIC ECOSYSTEMS DEGRADATION USING MULTI-CRITERIA ANALYSIS AND GIS TECHNIQUES Ciocanea Cristiana, CORPADE CIPRIAN-PETRU, Onose Diana, Vânău Gabriel, MALOS CRISTIAN-VALERIU, Petrovici Milca, Gheorghe Carmen Adriana, Dedu Silvia, Manta Nicolae, Szep Robert Eugen Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Perceived Influence of Weather Conditions on Rheumatic Pain in Romania CROITORU ADINA-ELIZA, Dogaru Gabriela, MAN TITUS-CRISTIAN, MALAESCU SIMONA, Motricală Marieta, SCRIPCĂ  ANDREEA – SABINA Advances in Meteorology
The Development of the Geographical Education System in Romania, under the Impact of World War II and during the Transition to Communism DULAMA MARIA-ELIZA, ILOVAN OANA RAMONA, Bagoly Simo Peter, MAGDAS IOANA CRISTINA Transylvanian Review
Detection of old scattered windthrow using low cost resources. The case of Storm Xynthia in the Vosges Mountains, 28 February 2010 Haidu Ionel, FURTUNĂ  Paula – Roxana, Lebaut Sébastien Open Geosciences
Future changes in five extreme precipitation indices in the lowlands of Romania HARPA  Gabriela – Victoria, CROITORU ADINA-ELIZA, Djurdjevic Vladimir, HORVATH CSABA INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLIMATOLOGY
Quality and Human Health Risk Assessment of Metals and Nitrogen Compounds in Drinking Water from an Urban Area Near a Former Non-Ferrous Ore Smelter HOAGHIA  Maria – Alexandra, Cadar Oana, HOGNOGI GHEORGHE – GAVRILA, Levei Erika, Moisa Corina, Roman Cecilia ANALYTICAL LETTERS
Recovery of Watermills in the Land of Haþeg (Romania) by Mapping old Cartographic Materials HOGNOGI GHEORGHE – GAVRILA, POP ANA MARIA, ALEXANDRU DIANA-ELENA, GAMAN  George Transylvanian Review
Extracting built-up areas from Sentinel-1 imagery using land-cover classification and texture analysis HOLOBACA IULIAN-HOREA, IVAN  KINGA, ALEXE MIRCEA INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF REMOTE SENSING
AIR QUALITY OF MUSEUMS AND CONSERVATION OF TEXTILES ART WORKS. CASE STUDY: SALACEA MUSEUM HOUSE, ROMANIA ILIES MARIN, Ilies Camelia Dorina, Indrie Liliana, Oana Dorina, Lincu  Andreea, Ilies Alexandru, Baias Stefan, Herman Grigore, Onet Aurelia, Costea Maria, Marcu Florin, Burta Ligia, Oana Ioan Industria Textila
Transylvanian Cultural Landscapes Promoting Rural Development ILOVAN OANA RAMONA, MAROȘI  Zoltan Transylvanian Review
Living the Urban Cultural Landscapes in the City Centre of Cluj-Napoca/ Kolozsvár/ Klausenburg, Romania ILOVAN OANA RAMONA, MAROȘI  Zoltan, Adorean Emanuel-Cristian, GLIGOR VIOREL, Voicu Cristina Geogiana, NICULA  ALEXANDRU – SABIN, DULAMA MARIA-ELIZA MITTEILUNGEN DER OSTERREICHISCHEN GEOGRAPHISCHEN GESELLSCHAFT
School-age pedestrian-vehicle crashes vulnerability IVAN  KINGA, BENEDEK JOZSEF, CIOBANU  Silviu – Marian Sustainability
Romanian river basins lag time analysis. The SCS-CN versus RNS comparative approach developed for small watersheds KAFFAI  Anna – Izabella, Sarpe Adrian Constantin, Voda Mihai WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
A comparative analysis through time and space of centrality’s role in county centers’ spatial position for several counties in Romania MAGYARI-SASKA ZSOLT Geographia Technica
Water availability variation under climate change in Turkey during 21st century MAN TITUS-CRISTIAN, Nistor Mărgărit-Mircea Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences
SPATIAL ASSESSMENT OF SOIL SALINITY BY ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION SURVEY Buta Mihai, Paulette Laura, MAN TITUS-CRISTIAN, Bartha Istvan, Negrusier  Cornel , Bordea Constatin Environmental Engineering and Management Journal
Reconstructing snow-avalanche extent using remote sensing and dendrogeomorphology in Parâng Mountains MESEȘAN  Flaviu, MAN TITUS-CRISTIAN, POP OLIMPIU-TRAIAN, RĂCHITĂ IONELA – GEORGIANA COLD REGIONS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
GIS Integration Model of Metropolitan Area Sustainability Index (MASI). The Case of Paris Metropolitan Area Nistor Mircea Margarit, NICULA  ALEXANDRU – SABIN, HAIDU IONEL, Surdu Ioan, Carebia Iulius-Andrei, PETREA DANUT-PETRU Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning
Why do Romanians take to the streets? A spatial analysis of Romania’s 2016-2017 protests NICULA  ALEXANDRU – SABIN, STOICA  MIHNEA SIMION, BÎRSĂNUC ELENA-MANUELA, MAN TITUS-CRISTIAN Romanian Journal of Political Science
Ethno-Geographic Contributions to the Study of Shepherding in Bilbor Commune NITA ADRIAN-FLORIN, Tofan George – Bogdan Revista de Etnografie si Folclor-Journal of Ethnography and Folklore
Memento, People and Deeds PACURAR ALEXANDRU Transylvanian Review
Indexing the Innovative Capability of Romanian NUTS 3 Subdivisions (Counties) Pacurar Bogdan – Nicolae, NICULA  ALEXANDRU – SABIN, STRINU OANA, SURD VASILE Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning
Climate Change Impact on Crop Evapotranspiration in Turkey during 21st Century Nistor Mircea Margarit, Mîndrescu  Marcel , PETREA DANUT-PETRU, NICULA  ALEXANDRU – SABIN, Rai Praveen Kumar, BENZAGHTA Mostafa Ali , DEZSI STEFAN, HOGNOGI GHEORGHE – GAVRILA, PORUMB-GHIURCO  COSMIN – GABRIEL METEOROLOGICAL APPLICATIONS
Dendrogeomorphic assessment and sediment transfer of natural vs. mining-induced debris-flow activity in Călimani Mountains, Eastern Carpathians, Romania POP OLIMPIU-TRAIAN, Germain Daniel, MESEȘAN  Flaviu, RĂCHITĂ IONELA – GEORGIANA, ALEXE MIRCEA, HOLOBACA IULIAN-HOREA, BUZILA LIVIU-IOAN, IRIMUS IOAN-AUREL Geomorphology
Identification of Soils Factors Influence in the Distributions of Tuber aestivum in Transylvanian Subcarpathian Hill, Romania Pacurar Horia Mihai, Dirja Marcel, Buta Mihai, Pacurar Ioan, ROŞCA SANDA-MARIA, BILASCO STEFAN Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca
Soil Reclamation of Abandoned Mine Lands by Revegetation in Northwestern Part of Transylvania: A 40-Year Retrospective Study Buta Mihai, Blaga Gheorghe, Paulette Laura, Pacurar Ioan, ROŞCA SANDA-MARIA, Borsay  Orsolya, Grecu Florina, Pauliuc Sinziana, Negrusier  Cornel Sustainability
The Assessment of Favourability and Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Pinus Mugo in the Romanian Carpathians Using GIS Technology and Landsat Images ROŞCA SANDA-MARIA, Simonca Vasile, BILASCO STEFAN, VESCAN IULIU, FODOREAN IOAN, PETREA DANUT-PETRU Sustainability
Favourable and Restrictive Factors for Quercus pubescens in the Transylvanian Basin, Evaluated by GIS Techniques Simonca Vasile, ROŞCA SANDA-MARIA, Colișar Alexandru, Rebrean Florin, BILASCO STEFAN Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca