Seminar paper      “Relatedness, Complexity and Regional Inequality in Europe”

  Ron BOSCHMA     Utrecht University

NOVEMBER 2nd, 2022 (Wednesday),
hybrid (online on zoom; onsite at the Faculty of Geography, Cluj-Napoca
"George Vâlsan" amphitheater, 1st floor, room 43), 16:00 – 17:00
(event organized in partnership with the workshop “Urban growth and development: the role of the cities in the smart specialization strategies” and Studium Generale)

Cluj Economics and Business Seminar Series (CEBSS) represents a forum for debates and dissemination of scientific research
results. The seminar significantly and distinctively contributes to increasing scientific added value, having a relevant impact
on knowledge, education and practice in the field of economics and business.

Seminar coordinator: Cristian M. Litan | (+40) 264 418 653 |

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